GCA Brings CyberFlex to Different Audiences Through Webinars Around the Globe

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), with support from Amazon, recently held two launch events on the 18th and 26th of June to promote CyberFlex, a new resource with free tools, interactive guides, and text alerts to help 18- to 25-year-olds prevent, mitigate, report, and recover from scams and other cyber risks. The webinars were designed to educate end users and supporting organizations on the benefits of using this new cybersecurity solution, promoting its tools and interactive features, and sharing the resource with family, friends, and colleagues.


Moderated by Brian Cute, GCA’s COO and Capacity & Resilience Program Director, the webinars included discussions with experts from the BBB Institute of Marketplace Trust and UK Finance, as well as two CyberFlex youth advisors based in the United States and Nigeria, about the state of online scams, their effects, and the importance of prevention resources and solutions for young adults. Alex Odisheli, Associate Director of Operations and Business at GCA, presented and guided participants through CyberFlex and its features.

Joined by globally diverse participants, these webinars appealed to industry, the media, and end users to step up and help reduce the damaging effects of scams, including their emotional impact, on young adults.

Abigail Bishop, Head of External Relations for Scam Prevention at Amazon, credited GCA with forming a geographically diverse advisory group approach, with input from six continents to inspire and validate themes, content, and messaging. This engagement, aligned with Amazon’s approach of ‘working backwards from the customer,’ helped shape CyberFlex.

“CyberFlex builds in a ‘share your story’ component, which is a really powerful way for individuals that have been impacted by scams to warn others and also know that they’re not alone in their experience,” she explained. She urged all young adults and organizations working with young adults to use CyberFlex, provide feedback, and join the call to share the resource to mitigate the impact of online scams and increase the resilience of the young adult community against scams and cybercrime.