Intellectual Independence Policy

Last updated: January 26, 2021

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) is an international, cross-sector, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. Its staff and partners represent a diverse community united by a common belief in its mission dedicated to reducing cyber risk and improving our connected world by uniting global communities, implementing practical solutions, and measuring their effects.

GCA embodies the principle of free access for all communities to GCA solutions that:

  • focus on the most prevalent cyber risks individuals and businesses face;
  • provide practical, real-world protections that measurably improve the security of our cyber ecosystem; and
  • are, where practical, vendor-agnostic and freely available to the global community.

GCA maintains strict intellectual independence for all of its projects, products, and reports. We work closely with our partners, supporters, strategic advisory committee members, and stakeholders to generate ideas for and execute projects, but our staff directed by our Board of Directors maintains ultimate and independent control of the content, products, and projects that we undertake and drives their execution. Partners or parties that have clearly established protected work product shall retain the rights of said work product per written agreement on a case by case basis. Joint work product between GCA and partners or other parties will address intellectual property rights as they arise and as agreed upon between the parties in writing. GCA reports and publications and those generated in collaboration with GCA partners represent the views of GCA, consistent with its mission.

GCA requires all sponsors and partners to agree that GCA maintains independent control of the content and messaging of any products or projects. GCA staff engage in external personal activities including social media that both reinforce GCA’s mission and their own personal views. When engaging in such activity and where there may be a conflict of interest, GCA staff will  make it clear when they are acting in a personal capacity rather than representing the views of GCA as a whole.


GCA accepts funding from a broad range of sources supporting GCA’s mission and is thankful to all its supporters. As a registered US 501(c)(3) organization, and a nonprofit organization that is incorporated in the UK and Belgium, GCA makes public its annual audited financial information on US IRS Form 990.

GCA publicly acknowledges its donors including Founders, Funders, Premium Partners, and contributing Partners who donate to GCA.