Meet the GCA Team

The Global Cyber Alliance is home to leading minds with extensive cybersecurity expertise gained across both the private and public sectors. As a truly global organization, our team lives and works on multiple continents and represents a diverse cross section of business, technical, policy, and administrative professionals. Along with our staff, we are supported by a Board of Directors, a global group of Strategic Advisors who help steer GCA, and Ambassadors who help represent GCA around the world.

Board of Directors

Prof H Sama Nwana

Managing Partner, Cenerva

Gregory M. Kapfer

Former Chief Financial Officer, Internet Society (ISOC)

Kiersten E. Todt

Former Chief of Staff, CISA

Michael Lashlee

Executive Vice President, Deputy Chief Security Officer at Mastercard

Cyrus Vance, Jr.

Partner, Baker McKenzie

Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar

Chair of GCA Board of Directors &
Director of the Digital Society Institute, ESMT


Khoo Boon Hui

Past President, Interpol


Philip Reitinger

President and CEO, Global Cyber Alliance

Virginia, US

Troels Ørting Jørgensen

Board Member, Global Cyber Alliance Belgium

Copenhagen, Denmark

Sir Robert Wainwright


William Pelgrin

Co-Founder and Partner, CyberWA

Shawn Henry

President, CrowdStrike Services

From New York to London and around the globe, we’re uniting the best and brightest cyber minds to build a better future. Want to join us?

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