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Improving your cybersecurity doesn’t have to be difficult. We develop free, easily accessible tools to address the most common and pervasive cyber challenges. You can use these tools right now to make an impact. Learn how to get started below.

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GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit

The GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit is an online resource that includes free and effective tools businesses can start using right now to make an immediate impact on reducing cyber risk. Explore unique toolkits for small businesses or for election offices.


DMARC is the trusted solution that brings together email authentication protocols and adds reporting and compliance. GCA created the step-by-step DMARC Setup Guide, which is currently available in 18 languages, to help organizations of all sizes implement DMARC.

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DMARC Risk Scanner

The GCA DMARC Risk Scanner allows an organization to assess the DMARC implementation of their own domains, subcontractors, and other partners. Get the scanner and be informed about what email security protections are in place.


The Quad9 DNS service protects users from accessing known malicious websites, leveraging threat intelligence from several industry leaders and blocking an average of 60 million threats per day for users in 90 countries. It improves your system’s performance, plus it preserves and protects your privacy.

You can quickly and easily set up the Quad9 service on your Mac or PC. Do it today!


GCA’s Automated IoT Defence Ecosystem (AIDE) enables automated collection, analysis, distribution, and display of attacks on IoT devices and a means to implement distributed defense of these devices including in small office or manufacturing and home environments.

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Domain Trust

Domain Trust is an intelligence platform that provides registries, registrars, and cyber protection agencies high quality, large-scale sets of data on suspected malicious and criminal domains that are being used in phishing attempts, malware distribution, and command and control (C2) activities. This data provides them the intelligence upon which they can take further action: investigation, suspension, or disablement.