Cyber Civil Defense (CCD)

A broad coalition of organizations dedicated to building a whole-of-society effort against cyber insecurity.

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Historically, society has been able to respond to significant threats by bringing every possible resource together to achieve a critical goal. Today, cyber attacks are the emerging threat to economic progress, social development, and the operation of democracy. Cyber Civil Defense (CCD) is our response.

This coalition was formed in 2022 by Craig Newmark Philanthropies and focuses on bringing broad elements of society to bear to defend people, organizations, communities, and nations from cyber insecurity.  With participation from GCA, Consumer Reports, Aspen Digital, and others, CCD engages all sectors to work together to provide better resources, support, and opportunities to protect against cybersecurity threats. 

Within CCD, GCA focuses on cybersecurity tools and services for citizens and organizations.

Actionable Cybersecurity Tools (ACT): GCA’s Ongoing Initiative Within CCD

The Global Cyber Alliance launched Actionable Cybersecurity Tools (ACT), which provides an easy-to-navigate directory of cybersecurity tools and resources tailored for different communities.

Part of the challenge people and organizations face in building their cybersecurity is the difficulty of just getting started. ACT addresses this issue by helping people get started on making themselves more cybersecure.

ACT is an open-content, continually evolving resource that will meet people where they are and use their language to talk to them about cybersecurity and how to act.