Our Mission

Do Something. Measure It.™

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) creates and equips communities to deliver a more trustworthy Internet for all. We achieve our mission by:

Uniting Global Communities:

We must stand as a global community, across sectors and geography, if we are to effectively address cyber risks.

Implementing Concrete Solutions:

We build concrete solutions that reduce cyber risk, and we make those solutions freely available for all to use.

Measuring the Effect:

We believe in measuring effectiveness. We must measure to know we are doing the right things, and metrics drive action. We need to know what works and what does not.

Core Objectives

At GCA, we take on projects that are intended to make a global impact, that are scalable, and can measurably reduce cyber risk. We have determined specific goals that we strive toward and that shape our focus.


Create a global effort dedicated to reducing cyber risk


Ensure cybersecurity solutions and resources are accessible to everyone


Make the world safer
in a measurable way

Enhancing Internet Health