Our Mission

Do Something. Measure It.™

Founded in 2015, GCA builds communities to deploy tools, services, and programs that provide cybersecurity at global scale. We achieve global scale in three ways:

Working with Communities:

We work with end-user communities, like small businesses, to deploy cybersecurity solutions that address their needs through projects like the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkits and Actionable Cybersecurity Tools (ACT).

Engaging Internet Infrastructure Owners and Operators:

We work with infrastructure owners and operators to identify and advance best practices to improve cybersecurity for everyone through projects like Domain Trust, AIDE, and MANRS.

Driving Strategic Mobilizations:

We galvanize our global network to implement programs and drive collective action on issues that affect a large proportion of Internet users through collaborative efforts like Nonprofit Cyber, Civil Cyber Defense, and Common Good Cyber.

Core Objectives

At GCA, we take on projects that are intended to make a global impact, that are scalable, and can measurably reduce cyber risk. We have determined specific goals that we strive toward and that shape our focus.


Create a global effort dedicated to reducing cyber risk


Ensure cybersecurity solutions and resources are accessible to everyone


Make the world safer
in a measurable way

Enhancing Internet Health