April 29, 2024

Artificial Intelligence Policy

Last updated: April 29, 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) poses both benefit and considerable risk for a trustworthy online ecosystem. AI, including large language models, can be used to:

  • Search at scale for vulnerable places to attack, from code to website to people;
  • Generate customized phishing attacks more likely to succeed;
  • Further social engineering with deep fakes; and
  • Generate deceptive content usable for misinformation and many other malicious purposes, especially elections.

At the same time, AI can aid those who seek to further a trustworthy online environment, helping identify malicious activity through an automated collective defense approach, and also to identify attempts at phishing social engineering, and misinformation through AI-based detection.

We must capture the benefits of AI, while limiting the harms. To that end, GCA will:

  1. Disclose when and how we use AI to generate content (see below).
  2. Where tools or services are available to detect or respond to the malicious use of AI and usable by the intended audience, we will promote and include such tools or services in our at-scale efforts to empower audiences to address cyber risks.
  3. Support efforts to develop defensive tools and resources to help build a trustworthy online environment and ensure whole-of-society resilience against the malicious use of AI.
  4. When researching or building new tools and services, consider whether and how GCA might use AI to improve the effectiveness or useability of a solution. 
  5. Build public awareness of the risks from AI in our communications and awareness efforts, including training, public communications, and social media.
  6. In all efforts, be vigilant to ensure that any use of AI supports rather than impairing diversity, equity and inclusion.
  7. Regularly review and revise  this policy, our experience, and the state of the field to see if our activities can be enhanced.

GCA Artificial Intelligence Disclosure

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) may use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to aid efficiency and to help summarize or generate content for review by people before publishing that content, much as we use tools like “spell check.”