A Collaborative Effort to Improve IoT Security

The GCA’s Automated IoT Defence Ecosystem or AIDE project consists of an information-sharing platform that will enable the automated collection, analysis, distribution, and display of attacks on IoT devices, as a means to ultimately implement mechanisms of distributed defense within the large IoT community, from manufacturers and researchers to regulators and smart cities.

From policy analysis to the protection of smart cities, from consumer reviews to the exploration of vulnerabilities and attack signatures, the participants in this effort approach the large volumes of IoT attack data in the AIDE platform from different perspectives but one shared concern— improving the security of the Internet of Things.

Key Components


AIDE is fed by a mechanism that automatically collects IoT attack data from honeyfarms located in IP space around the world. These can consist of physical devices, ProxyPots, or both.


The attack data is aggregated into a common analysis platform that can be used by researchers to study IoT attack signatures, patterns, and changes.


​​The data feeds are made available to the ecosystem to enable mitigation of IoT attacks. Partners can use the data for producing research, shared analytics, or attack signatures. Identifies common data sets, which allows for wider scale effectiveness.


A Proprietary Technology

AIDE also includes ProxyPot, a proprietary honeypot technology that can combine physical or virtualized IoT devices to build honeyfarms in a flexible way.


The ProxyPot technology enables defenders to emulate thousands of different IoT devices in a virtual environment distributed around the globe.


ProxyPot is also compatible with other deception technologies and can be deployed in any environment (GCA works continuously to expand the scalability of the technology).

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As the number of connected devices quickly moves into the billions, the exposure of the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a central concern for cybersecurity professionals, regulators, critical infrastructure operators, or manufacturers, to name a few. IoT can be found in many areas of life— from smart home devices and interconnected public safety infrastructures in smart cities to autonomous vehicles and even medical devices such as smart pacemakers.

The AIDE initiative was launched in August 2019 with the purpose of creating a single point of contact for researchers on IoT security globally. Thanks to the committed support of founding partners such as the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), the information-sharing platform and its primary honeyfarm could be rapidly deployed, which offered an immediate flow of massive volumes of data on IoT attacks.

After two years collecting data, and thanks to the flexibility of the ever evolving ProxyPot technology, AIDE offered its first tangible results in 2021, with several announcements —a review of smart consumer devices, a report on IoT policies, the launch of an IoT Threat Analytics Platform for Singapore, and the participation on Microsoft’s Digital Defense Report— that hit the headlines in different parts of the world.

The AIDE Community

The AIDE project is open to any organization operating in any of the dimensions of IoT security, from the interconnected devices themselves to policy-making, from manufacturing to cybersecurity:

  • IoT and CPE Manufacturers
  • Smart Cities, Interconnected Industries (IIoT), and Critical Infrastructures
  • Universities and Research Centers
  • Internet and Data Service Providers
  • CERTs, CSIRTs, Law Enforcement, and Cyber Responders
  • Regulators and Policy Analysis Organizations
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