Domain Trust

Building Trust in the Domain Name Ecosystem

The organizations involved in the Domain Trust Community represent some of the different stakeholders in the domain name ecosystem, including registries and registrars, ISPs, public and private cyber responders, and financial institutions. By sharing information and working together to reduce and, where possible, stop abuse, they help build trust in the domain name system as a whole.

One of the initial outcomes of the Domain Trust project is an information sharing platform that provides actionable data against several forms of domain abuse used by global cybercrime, such as phishing, malware distribution, and command and control activities.

Key Components


Scales multiple data sources to multiple users who are able to take action.


Identifies common data sets, which allows for wider scale effectiveness.


Maintains the source and asserted certainty of the data and data submitter.


Ranks data according to provider and confidence.

Data Sharing

​​Provides intelligence sharing and data replication.


Facilitates data to other platforms that can block or suspend criminal sites.


Internet domains are a major vector for cyberattacks. Everyday thousands of domains are registered with the sole intent of conducting criminal activity such as phishing or distributing malware. They are used by criminals and state-sponsored actors to conduct attacks that deliver malware, defraud people, and conduct other illicit activity. Domains can be registered quickly, cheaply, and in bulk allowing cybercriminals to move quickly to keep ahead of detection.

The Domain Trust initiative was launched in November 2020, in the context of the global pandemics of COVID-19 and its impact on our digital lives. GCA, taking advantage of its independence as a neutral, convening party (across countries, industries, and sectors), partnered with a number of organizations with the capacity to take effective action against malicious domains.

Since its inception, the partners in the project have managed to build a solid information-exchange platform with millions of suspected domains. The effort has attracted actors from different sectors, including a significant number of TLDs. Now, as the initiative grows in interoperability and industry representation, it has also started to explore novel concepts such as predictive analytics or self-sovereign identity.

The Domain Trust Community

The Domain Trust project is open to any organization that either has direct access to quality data on domain abuse or is interested in acting on that data. This crosses many existing communities, including:

  • Registries and Registrars
  • Internet Service Providers and Network Operators
  • CERTs, CSIRTs, Law Enforcement, and Cyber Responders
  • Cyber Analytics Researchers and Service Providers
  • Financial Institutions and Insurers
  • eCommerce and Anti Fraud Platforms

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