AfP Partners with GCA to Strengthen Digital Peace-building 

New York, May 8, 2023 – The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) and Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) are entering into a partnership to advance our aligned visions and support one another to improve cybersecurity within the peace-building community and already fragile communities affected by violent conflict. 

This includes exciting opportunities to work together building capacity and resilience through the use of GCA toolkits with a shared focus on improving cybersecurity in communities that have been left behind by current approaches.

AfP will also be joining Nonprofit Cyber, a coalition of cybersecurity nonprofits, to collaborate, work together on projects, voluntarily align activities to minimize duplication of effort, increase mutual support, and link the community to stakeholders with a shared communication channel.

Brian Cute, GCA’s director of Capacity & Resilience, said: “In times like these, focusing on digital peace-building is a necessity. We are happy to join with AfP in their efforts to foster constructive dialogue and social cohesion. Our community gets stronger through the principles and ideas that we jointly want to apply to the use of technology.” 


“It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or novice around cybersecurity—cyberthreats have the potential to harm all of us. The peacebuilding field needs to be part of the conversation in achieving cybersecurity at scale, and AfP looks forward to and is grateful for this partnership with GCA to holistically define and achieve sustainable peace,” said Nick Zuroski, AfP’s Manager for Policy & Advocacy.


About the Global Cyber Alliance

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) is an international, cross-sector effort dedicated to eradicating cyber risk and improving our connected world. GCA works with our partner community worldwide to build practical, accessible resources and measure their impact, in order to achieve a secure, trustworthy Internet that enables social and economic progress for all.
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About the Alliance for Peacebuilding

The Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP), named the “number one influencer and change agent” among peacebuilding institutions worldwide, is an award-winning nonprofit and nonpartisan network of 190+ organizations working in 181 countries to prevent and reduce violent conflict and build sustainable peace. and they want to explore ways for their member organizations to take advantage of GCA’s cybersecurity tools. Its Digital Peacebuilding Community of Practice, an open community of practice that it co-leads, is designed to advance digital peacebuilding, defined as the analysis of and response to online conflict dynamics and the harnessing of digital tools to amplify peacebuilding outcomes.