Amtega, Galicia's Agency for Digital Transformation, Joins the Global Cyber Alliance

Amtega, the agency for digital transformation of the autonomous region of Galicia (Spain), has just signed a partnership agreement with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA). The partnership will bring GCA’s work to Galicia’s cybersecurity ecosystem, now grouped under the hub, a public-private initiative launched by Amtega and other key stakeholders in the region.

The path to Amtega’s partnership was opened by
Dominio PuntoGal, a member of both GCA and the hub. Dominio PuntoGal is the registry behind the .GAL domain —a central asset for the Galician digital ecosystem— and a very active partner of GCA, originally through the Domain Trust project, but later also by means of dissemination actions aimed at bringing GCA’s Cybersecurity Toolkits to Galician-speaking audiences.


Amtega and GCA’s joint action plan will focus initially on the security of the Internet of Things (IoT), maybe also supporting some of Amtega’s existing work in the protection of transport-related critical infrastructures. Public awareness-raising activities are being explored too, together with the possibility of GCA’s joining the hub in the near future.


Apart from reinforcing the ecosystem around, by joining GCA, Amtega will increase its international visibility and will consolidate Galicia’s regional leadership in terms of public awareness and research in cybersecurity. In that sense, the collaboration of Amtega with GCA will be an added-value piece in the agency’s objective to improve the overall cybersecurity for Galicia’s citizens, corporations, and public Administration.


Philip Reitinger, President & CEO of the Global Cyber Alliance, said: “With this agreement with AMTEGA we extend the valuable collaboration with active and strong partners in Galicia, who have the vision to take cybersecurity further. In that sense, AMTEGA, and its magnificent work in the implementation of the Node, is an extraordinary ally to advance our mission.”

About the Global Cyber Alliance  

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to building communities to deploy tools, services, and programs that provide cybersecurity at global scale. We achieve this in three ways: working with communities; engaging infrastructure owners and operators; and driving strategic mobilizations for collective action on cybersecurity.


The Agency for the Technological Modernization of Galicia (Amtega), attached to the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration of the Xunta de Galicia, has as basic objectives the definition, development and implementation of strategies, planning and policy instruments of the Xunta de Galicia in the field of information and communication technologies and technological innovation and development. It highlights, among others, its work related to the enhancement of cybersecurity throughout the Galician territory through the design and implementation of initiatives that raise awareness, sensitize and train the whole society in the field. As a result of this important work, the Node was created, an initiative in which Amtega’s association with GCA is framed.

About CIBERGAL is the node formed by Galician public administrations and private institutions that, in a collaborative manner, seek to address the growing threat posed by cyber attacks and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the new digital era. provides users with selected information on news, activities, resources and training paths in the field of cybersecurity in Galicia.

Read here the Spanish version of the press release.