Are We All Bored With GDPR Yet?

By Andy Bates

It’s strange GDPR is about to happen but already either you know about it and are bored of people trying to sell you GDPR solutions or you have ignored as something else has been more pressing or interesting.

Here is another angle for you, so please read on, even if you are outside the EU. The first thought is that we all gladly introduce someone to someone else on email who we think they should know, either in business or pleasure. Question: Is this still legal, especially if you pass the data outside the EU? I suppose the main question is if the person whose data you passed along really cares or not.

In the UK, someone recently said to me, “GDPR is great [as an individual] as it stops people mailing and sending me stuff I simply don’t want or need. It’s like a spring cleaning, in Spring!” But what if you are a sole trader in [say] Alabama, all ok right? Well, maybe not. Did someone from the EU email you on business? Have you kept their email, even though they never traded with you? Arguably it’s nothing to worry about, and you’ve got plenty of other things to worry about, not least of which is cyber security. However, the point is to start thinking about GDPR and about cyber.

At GCA, we give away free solutions to make you safer, and they only add to what you currently have in place to protect you. So, whether you worry about GDPR or not, or worry about cyber or not, let’s use the end of May (GDPR day) to start thinking and do something positive to secure your data. In fact, we think you are better off taking steps to stop the hackers than to simply worry needlessly. It’s so easy!

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The author, Andy Bates, is the Executive Director of the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and Africa for the Global Cyber Alliance. You can follow him on Twitter @andycyberbates and @UK_GCA.