Are We Making a Mark with DMARC?

by Krista Montie

DMARC is recognized internationally as an important email security standard, and for the past two years, GCA has been working to accelerate its adoption by providing tools and resources to aid implementation. Because of our efforts, more than 5,700 organizations across more than 180 countries have adopted DMARC, resulting in significant financial benefits across a diverse array of industries and governments.

While those stats are impressive, we wanted to better understand just how significant the financial benefit is. It’s not enough to develop and deliver solutions. At GCA, we fundamentally believe in measuring effectiveness too. As per our mission statement: “We must measure to know we are doing the right things, and metrics drive action. We need to know what works and what does not.”

So, we set out to quantify the effectiveness of our DMARC initiative. We published the results last week – and those results are impressive. Our research shows that 1,046 domains that have successfully activated strong protection with GCA’s DMARC Setup Guide will save an estimated $19 million to $66 million dollars from limiting business email compromise (BEC) for the year of 2018 alone. These organizations will continue to reap that reward every year in which they maintain the deployment of DMARC. Additional savings over time will be realized so long as DMARC is deployed.

It is also important to note that this research is just a snapshot of the potential return on investment of DMARC, as the number of domains used in this research is relatively small and concerns only a single type of threat (BEC). The economic impact could reasonable be substantially higher.

So, are we making a mark with DMARC? Absolutely, and we have the numbers to back it up! Check out the full report here. And if you haven’t implemented DMARC yet, let GCA help you.