Bfore.AI’s PreCrime Threat Intelligence Takes Domain Trust to a New Dimension

The AI-powered engine of will bring predictive intelligence to GCA’s Domain Trust information-sharing platform on domain abuse

2 September 2021. Montpellier (France) / Brussels. Last July,, a cutting-edge start-up based in Southern France’s tech capital, Montpellier, joined the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) as a partner of the Domain Trust initiative. Once the data integration process is complete, Domain Trust’s information-sharing platform, a large collection of actionable data on domain abuse, will be enriched with millions of predictive indicators coming from’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine.

After less than a year in the market, brings pure innovation to the Domain Trust project by leveraging the predictive power of PreCrime, their AI engine. Capable of offering predictions from six hours to multiple weeks in advance and protected by multiple international patents, PreCrime is the result of seven years of research, and a solution that brings the ‘pre-crime’ Sci-Fi concept from novels and movies to the fight against growing cybercrime.’s AI-enriched data will help the users of Domain Trust—from registries, registrars, and ISPs to Law enforcement agencies and financial institutions—anticipate possible new incidents and incorporate new criteria to their internal analyses and response strategies. Anticipation and better analytical tools can make a difference in fighting domain abuse, where time and accuracy are key factors.

Luigi Lenguito, founder and CEO of shared: ‘Since we learnt about the Global Cyber Alliance, it was clear that our missions aligned. It was a straightforward decision to join forces. “Be safer with predictive security” is our mantra. With everybody’s life more and more tied to IT technologies, helping organisations prevent outages is paramount. We believe that “prevention is the best cure” and we think that nobody should resign to accept the equation “connected = breached”. Moreover, we want to push the battle outside the organisation. Our growing ActiveDefense portfolio, of which this membership is a part of, is our contribution to the shared fight our industry needs to embrace.’

In turn, will benefit from the high-quality data on domain abuse contained in the Domain Trust platform. This will increase their threat coverage, will reduce their already remarkable false-positive rate, and will bring them closer to the actual response needs of the industries and sectors represented in Domain Trust, all of them with real capacities to have an influence on the global issue of domain abuse. Additionally, will be able to access the larger GCA community and, thus, multiply the reach of their innovative approach to domain abuse

‘The partnership signed with is a perfect example of GCA’s community-oriented work,’ said Phil Roberts, GCA’s Director of Technology and Product Owner for Domain Trust. ‘The engagement process with them was typical GCA–it was one of our most active partners in France that drew our attention to their work. After an initial round of conversations, we saw that they were a perfect match for Domain Trust, not only because of the novelty of their approach but also because of the impact they could have on the evolution of the platform and on the ways our current users work together on the data.’’s expertise in innovation processes is also part of this partnership. In this sense, they will help expand the GCA and Domain Trust communities across their own network of contacts working on cybersecurity and innovation.