Carlos Seisdedos, GCA’s New Ambassador in Spain and Latin America

Carlos Seisdedos

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) announced today the appointment of Carlos Seisdedos to serve as GCA Ambassador who will further our mission to eradicate cyber risk. He was selected because of his extensive career in the cybersecurity community, and his strength as a native Spanish-speaker.

His reputation both in Europe and Latin America, and his full commitment to addressing cyber challenges brings a wide range of talent to GCA.

Carlos Seisdedos’ bio speaks for itself. Currently heading the cyber intelligence area at Internet Security Auditors, he has more than fifteen years of experience as a researcher and analyst in international security and cybersecurity, being a university professor and active speaker at specialized events, including for NATO, and a tireless expert available for the media.

As a specialist in criminal and cyber investigation, he has collaborated and acted as an advisor to different governmental agencies in Spain and LatAm and is co-author of the book Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): Investigate People and Identities in Internet.

In his opinion, the next five years indicate the vulnerability of cyberspace and disinformation campaigns will show considerable growth.

“I am excited to support GCA’s community to ensure a safe digital space, taking into consideration the amount of interconnections, complexity of risks, and current and future threats,” he said.

With his appointment, he will serve a two-year term and will help raise awareness about GCA programs, tools, and solutions.

GCA Ambassadors serve a key role in facilitating early testing of GCA tools and assisting with public outreach, at which Carlos excels, to ensure these resources are globally available. Ambassadors also support GCA’s sustainability efforts, which helps make tools freely available to everyone.

Our Ambassadors are influential and respected individuals in their field with the ability and networks to engage and promote our mission and programs of work to key national, regional, and international stakeholders.

Terry Wilson, GCA’s Global Partnership Director, said, “It is a privilege to welcome Carlos Seisdedos to Team GCA and, specifically, adding his subject matter expertise to our impressive diverse community of global ambassadors. Carlos will be representing GCA in Spain and Latin America, helping to advance our vision of a secure, trustworthy internet that enables social and economic progress for all.”