Collective Action is Critical to Raising Cybersecurity Awareness and Ensuring Safety

One effective way to implement effective cybersecurity awareness programs, according to DAI, the international development company, is to couple cybersecurity awareness with state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools like GCA’s Cybersecurity Toolkits, that protect small businesses, mission-driven organizations, and individuals alike. 

In an article published on ICTworks blog, DAI unpacks other effective cybersecurity awareness approaches as it has  learned from across a number of cybersecurity campaigns in Asia.

Implemented through the Digital Asia Accelerator (DAA) and the South Asia Regional Digital Initiative (SARDI),  these awareness campaigns sought to build understanding of the most pressing digital safety challenges, and empower individuals to take control of their digital safety.

These lessons learned -drawing on experience in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Mongolia, and Thailand- point to the fact that influencing citizen attitudes to raise awareness and safety takes collective action, and we all: governments, donors, private-sector partners, and civil society organizations, have a role to play.

The views expressed by DAI align with GCA’s approach: expanding cyber skills and raising cyber awareness globally is a complex challenge that requires a whole-of-society approach

In 2022, GCA joined Cyber Civil Defense, the coalition launched by Craig Newmark Philanthropies dedicated to educating and protecting people amidst escalating cybersecurity threats, and focuses on ensuring this whole-of-society approach grows globally.  


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