Craig Newmark Is So Worried About 2020 Election Security He’s Funding Tools to Prevent Disaster

Craig Newmark is concerned for the upcoming 2020 election regrading cyber attacks. Newmark fears that history will repeat itself which is why he partnered with the Global Cyber Alliance earlier this year. He donated $1 million to the nonprofit to support their creation of multiple toolkits for election officials, journalists, and community organizations.

“I’ve seen that our election and its integrity are being attacked by foreign adversaries and their domestic allies,” states the craigslist founder. “I feel that I should tell people who are smarter than me: Defend the election, and thereby defend the country.”

Additionally, Newmark will be donating another $750,000 via Craig Newmark Philanthropies in an effort to push GCA’s mission further.

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Craig Newmark Supports the Global Cyber Alliance