Cyber Hygiene Workshop in Liberia to Support Women Owned Businesses

On October 28 the Global Cyber Alliance teamed up with the Liberia Cyber Crime Prevention and Mitigation Agency (LCCPMA) to deliver a Cyber Hygiene Workshop, attended by 60 women from small businesses, government, and civil society leaders in Monrovia.

Workshop presenters attended virtually, and LPCCMA executive director and GCA Ambassador, James Gedeo, coordinated proceedings in person – supporting the group in implementing security features on their handheld devices and reinforcing the materials presented.

Sessions included:

  • Keeping yourself and your family safe
    • Securing mobile phones and social media best practices
    • Cybersecurity and international law
    • Safe web browsing
    • Internet safety for children
  • Keeping your business safe
    • Common cyber threats and prevention
    • Keeping your business safe
    • Prevention of financial transaction and credit card fraud

Presentations were given by GCA and partners @iLabAfrica, Cyber Intelligence and Security Aid Bureau (CISAB), CFC Underwriting, Mastercard, and the Directorate of Public Prosecution.

The hybrid format enabled GCA to bring together a truly global panel of subject matter experts who were able to engage with the audience in attendance. The workshop included practical implementation sessions that were supported by James, the LPCCMA team, and remotely by the presenters. The attendees left, not only with an increased understanding of their cyber risk, what to look out for, and how to avoid falling victim to certain types of attack but also having implemented settings and tools on their handheld devices to reduce their risk.

James Gedeo commented ‘GCA is actually helping Liberia. The workshop is the most talked about here and has received a lot of media attention across mainstream radio stations and in the news. The feedback from attendees has been very positive, and my only disappointment is that we were not able to accommodate more. Thank you to all involved.’

Terry Wilson, GCA Global Partnership Director added, ‘It was an honour for GCA to meet and advise such a diverse and motivated group of business leaders understand the importance of cyber hygiene and implement free tools from the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit. The day reinforced GCA’s commitment to make the connected world safer and more secure for all. I am grateful to James and the many partners who helped deliver the workshop, but most of all to the women entrepreneurs who engaged so fully with the workshop.’

GCA is proud to be making a difference.

Liberia Workshop 28 Oct 2021

A photograph from the day with some of the workshop attendees

Of the 182 countries included in the ITU Global Cybersecurity Index 2020 Liberia is ranked 162. The ITU Global Cybersecurity Index aims to better understand countries’ commitments to cybersecurity, identify gaps, encourage the incorporation of good practices, and provide useful insights for countries to improve their cybersecurity postures.