Darren Argyle Appointed as GCA Ambassador

by Andy Bates

It is my great pleasure to announce the newest member of our GCA community – Darren Argyle – who has graciously accepted our invitation to serve as a GCA Ambassador. Darren is a seasoned industry expert whose passion for cybersecurity and commitment to making a positive difference fit perfectly with our global mission at GCA.

“Cyber resilience of businesses and individuals is crucial to the success of every economy worldwide. Having an opportunity to play my part in a global cyber movement for good and help make a measurable difference feels very rewarding. I’m grateful and humbled to be joining the GCA as an ambassador,” said Darren.

Darren currently serves as the Chief Information Security Officer at icare, one of the largest insurance providers in Australia. He is the former CISO for Qantas Airlines, and prior to that served as the Global CISO at IHS Markit. Darren is a recognized leader and was named in the top 100 Chief Information Security Officers globally in 2017. You can check out his impressive track record online.

While he has a tremendous reputation for managing large-scale cybersecurity operations, he also understands the importance of helping smaller entities, which often don’t have the expertise or resources to tackle ever-growing cyber threats. He serves in a number of advisory capacities for small businesses to help them build their resilience and navigate the complex cyber challenges they face.

I look forward to Darren’s participation as a GCA Ambassador and thank him for lending his time and talent to our important mission.