Deepak Prabhakara Appointed as GCA Ambassador

By Andy Bates

Photo Deepak PrabhakaraGetting to work with the best and brightest is a true highlight of being part of GCA. To that end, it’s my pleasure to announce the newest member of the GCA Ambassador family, Deepak Prabhakara, Chief Technology Officer at Red Sift.

Deepak brings more than a decade of expertise in design, architecture and development of complex software products. Prior to Red Sift, he was the founder of ContentSift. Deepak was the first technical hire at Apsmart. He has led product and engineering teams at several startups and worked on the Opera Mini and Mobile browsers, a product loved and used by millions of users across the globe.

Like GCA, Red Sift believes in improving cybersecurity readiness and response for the greater good. Red Sift created the successful OnDMARC application, which guides individuals and organisations of all sizes to full DMARC protection in order to block phishing attacks and increase the deliverability of their authorised emails.

“I am excited to join as a GCA Ambassador contributing to the organisation’s nonprofit mission of eradicating cyber risk,” said Deepak. “I look forward to helping increase the adoption of existing and future GCA tools and solutions, including its DMARC email authentication efforts.”

I look forward to working with Deepak and taking advantage of his tremendous expertise and passion for doing good as we fulfill our global mission to improve cybersecurity in 2019 and beyond.