Do Something! Be Cyber Aware.

By Renée McLaughlin

It’s that time of year…National Cyber Security Awareness Month has begun. At the Global Cyber Alliance, we are proud to be Champions in support of this effort. But really…this is what we, like many others, do and advocate year round.

So why do we make such a fuss just one month out of the year? It is a time to reflect upon the awareness training requirements of our employers, the never-ending news stories of massive data breaches and leaks of sensitive information, and the personal and family experiences in identity theft; to learn from them; and to make change! A time for a concentrated, international, collaborative effort to rally the masses to take action. It’s not about preaching to the choir; it’s about changing behavior and getting others to take action.

So we invite you to join us this month and ALL YEAR LONG! #DoSomething! Be #CyberAware.


The author, Renée McLaughlin, is the Director of Digital Media at the Global Cyber Alliance. You can follower on Twitter @RNMc3 and @GlobalCyberAlln.