Ensuring Election Integrity

By Phil Reitinger

Securing elections is not remarkably different than many other problems in cybersecurity.  It is just one of the super-hard ones.  With the variety of attackers, the wide scope of business operations, the variance in technology, the use of specialized technology, and the attack surface area (with thousands of election offices in the US alone), securing elections is a challenge for the most knowledgeable.

Of course, elections are not being secured by the NSA or other high-security organizations.  They are defended by small state and local offices around the country.  That means securing elections is not only a technical challenge, it is a resource challenge as well.

In order to help, the Global Cyber Alliance has released a Cybersecurity Toolkit for Elections (gcatoolkit.org/elections).  In this podcast with Adam Isles of the Chertoff Group, I discuss securing elections and, at the end, what keeps me up at night.  I hope you enjoy the discussion.

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The author, Phil Reitinger, is the President and CEO of the Global Cyber Alliance. You can follow him on Twitter @CarpeDiemCyber.