By Rodney Lee

In today’s climate, it is important that we don’t lose focus on the rights and needs of the people. We know our country was built on the backs of people of color in all industries, and we deserve acknowledgement for our contributions to making America become leaders of the “free world.” When black people continue to be targets of law enforcement and the judicial system, it strips away our lives by the gun and the gavel and doesn’t seem free from our viewpoint. This is bigger than a black problem, this is an American problem. The eyes of the world have been on us as what is supposed to be the United States looks more divided than it has been since the days of segregation. All over the globe there have been nations who have taken a stand with our black citizens and demanded justice for those who have been lost at the hands of police brutality. The message is simple: #BlackLivesMatter. “All men are created equal” doesn’t seem to be taken as seriously as the 1st or 2nd amendments in this nation, and the fact that speech and gun ownership takes precedence over lives of human beings is sickening.

As a black man in an industry that isn’t as diverse as we would like, I find solace in knowing that the company I work for stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement for justice and racial equality. The Internet is a place where  everyone has a voice and bigotry, hate speech, and racist rhetoric is spewed for all eyes to see. Social media has made it easier for hate groups to exercise their freedom of speech and target groups of people to make them feel marginalized. Other groups target those who haven’t been educated on cyber hygiene and threats, making them victims of a lengthy list of cyber crimes. The Global Cyber Alliance has been a workplace that I personally can call a “home” as we work to make the internet a safer place for EVERYONE. The people of the world deserve to feel safe in all aspects of life, and we make it our mission to protect them regardless of their background or ability to pay. We stand with our people, and we believe that #BlackLivesMatter.

The author, Rodney Lee, is the Technical Project Manager at the Global Cyber Alliance. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.