GCA Announces Partnership with Black Girls in Cyber 

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) is delighted to announce a partnership with Black Girls in Cyber (BGiC), a non-profit organization that aims to increase diversity for black women in Cybersecurity, STEM, and Privacy careers. GCA looks forward to supporting BGiC via community events and webinars, hosting community forums, and providing training via the GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit.

We’re excited to be able to increase access to resources, training, and employment opportunities through BGiC partnership with GCA. We are actively working towards closing the cybersecurity talent gap and creating better opportunities for more diverse representation in the field” said Talya Parker, Founder, President, and Executive Director of Black Girls in Cyber.

“The work Talya Parker is doing with BGIC is of critical importance. Diversity in technology professions, particularly cybersecurity, is essential both for equity and inclusion and solving the security challenges we face. The more leadership the community can present, and the role models we can develop, the better,” said Philip Reitinger, President and CEO, Global Cyber Alliance. “We are pleased to partner with BGIC and look forward to supporting its initiatives and finding ways we can work together.”

BGiC was created in July 2020 after the successful launch of their #BlackGirlsInCyber campaign which highlighted four black, prominent women in Cybersecurity, STEM, and Privacy. BGiC programs aim to increase cyber diversity via educational events, hands-on training, scholarships, and strategic Partnerships. To learn more, visit www.blackgirlsincyber.com for additional information.