GCA Applauds New Zealand's Recognition of Its Ambassador Tony Krzyzewski

Tony Krzyzewski, Global Cyber Alliance Ambassador, has been inducted into the New Zealand Information Security Hall of Fame at the 2023 iSANZ Awards, held at Te Papa Museum in Wellington.

The award recognises organisations and individuals who have made a significant and unique impact on the state of New Zealand information security, above and beyond the normal standards, qualities, and legacy outcomes.

“Through my work as an Ambassador for the Global Cyber Alliance, I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to global initiatives aimed at improving cybersecurity, fostering cooperation among nations, and developing solutions that address the ever-evolving threat landscape. The Global Cyber Alliance’s mission to make the internet safer is a mission that resonates with me deeply, and I’m proud to play a part in their efforts,” he stated during his acceptance speech.


“Tony is an exceptional human being, working to secure both the New Zealand ecosystem and the wider global community to which he contributes his tireless work, his expert knowledge of SME cybersecurity needs and other issues, and his natural ability to communicate. A well-deserved award that makes us pleased and proud,” Philip Reitinger, President & CEO of the Global Cyber Alliance said.

An outstanding career

Tony Krzyzewski has been involved in the information technology industry since 1977 and has close to thirty years’ experience in cybersecurity. In addition to his role as Global Cyber Alliance Ambassador, Tony is a Center for Internet Security CIS Controls Ambassador and the New Zealand Convenor for International Standards Organisation Committee SC27: Information Security, Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection. He is a co-founder and Director of SAM for Compliance, a SaaS service providing assessment capabilities for multiple international standards and frameworks.

In 2017 SAM for Compliance Ltd became the first Australasian region partner in the Global Cyber Alliance.