GCA Founders Discuss Prevention of Cybercrime with BBC Radio

By Renée McLaughlin

Two of our founders sat down with Gordon Corera of BBC Radio 4 last month in London to discuss their views on prevention vs prosecution of cybercrime.

Prosecution “…is a deterrent, but in reality, it is putting your fingers in holes in a dike. We cannot beat cybercrime by prosecuting individuals,” said Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr.

City of London Police Commissioner, Ian Dyson, goes on to say “Criminality from time immemorial will go where they think they can make money. You cannot enforce your way out of this problem.”

So what is the answer? The founding principle of the Global Cyber Alliance is prevention – collaboration across borders and sectors; taking action to combat systemic cyber risk. Do Something. Measure It.

We invite you to listen to the full interview here. If you are interested in learning more about GCA and joining us in support of this mission, please contact us at [email protected]. Let’s adhere to Sir Robert Peel‘s number one principle of law enforcement and use our collective expertise and resources to prevent cybercrime.

The author, Renée McLaughlin, is the Director of Digital Media and Editor at the Global Cyber Alliance. You can follow her on Twitter @RNMc3.