GCA Partner R Street Institute Introduces 'Making Space' Pledge

The R Street Institute, a nonprofit public policy research organization and a Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) partner, introduced the Making Space in Cybersecurity pledge this week.

More than 20 organizations, including GCA, have signed onto the pledge in an effort to increase the diversity of speakers and experts at events hosted by these organizations.

Through the pledge, GCA and the other organizations that have joined are committed to putting together panels of speakers that represent the wide diversity of the cybersecurity space.

The pledge promises that for panels of three or more speakers, the organizations will “recruit and include at least one woman or member of an underrepresented community (e.g. LGTBQIA, BIPOC, LatinX, Hispanic, people with disabilities) to add value to our learning and viewpoints that are not adequately represented within the cybersecurity field.”

You can read the full Making Space in Cybersecurity pledge here, and you can also view R Street’s press release.