GCA Partner Spotlight: Cybercrime Support Network

By Kristin Judge

The Cybercrime Support Network (CSN) is proud to partner with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA). Before cybercrime strikes, GCA provides tools to prevent an attack. After cybercrime strikes, CSN provides resources for reporting and recovery. Through this partnership, we are able to provide comprehensive cybercrime assistance. The cyberworld is complex and requires that we all work together to provide solutions for individuals and small businesses.

At CSN, we work hard to guide victims through the steps of recovery. To serve victims of cybercrime, we created F​raudSupport.org​, a recovery resource database. Over the past year, the site has guided over 378,000 individuals through the steps of recovery after cybercrime and online fraud strikes. The site covers individual cyber incidents, including r​omance scams,​ ​hacked accounts​, and f​inancial scams​. We also cover a range of small business incidents, including phishing​, ​data breaches​, and m​alware​. FraudSupport highlights several s​mall business security solutions​ provided by trusted partners like GCA.

CSN is also working to launch 211 cybercrime support hotlines state by state, with the ultimate goal of expanding nationwide. The 211 cybercrime support lines utilize the preexisting United Way 211 infrastructure to provide immediate, 24/7 cybercrime recovery assistance to those in need. Currently, the lines are live in Rhode Island; Kent County, Michigan; and Central Florida. Funding has been secured for the ​next phase of the expansion​ in North Carolina, New Jersey, and Mississippi.

Supporting victims on a national level requires a uniform cybercrime reporting structure that allows for sharing of crime and threat data. CSN was recently awarded a $​1 million cooperative agreement from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)​. We will utilize these funds to create a structure that bridges the gap between victims and Federal and State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) agencies by sharing the cybercrime data.

In 2018, cybercrime victims reported to the FBI over $2.71 billion in losses. Cybercrime is an ever-changing concern, and it is important to continue advocacy for proper education, prevention, and recovery. We are honored to work alongside trusted cybersecurity and cybercrime prevention organizations like GCA. Anyone can be affected by cybercrime. Victims of cybercrime need a voice, and CSN is providing that voice on a national level.

The author, Kristin Judge, is the CEO and Founder of Cybercrime Support Network, a GCA partner. You can connect with Kristin on L​inkedIn​ or follow her on ​Twitter​.