GCA Partner Spotlight: Smarter Not Harder

By Andy Bates

Smarter Not Harder (SNH) Training has been a partner of the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) since 2017. Why did SNH partner with GCA?

Neil Massa is the co-founder of SNH and one of the UK’s leading authorities on time management in the digital age. SNH is being used to improve productivity and wellbeing by organisations such as Salesforce, SAP, RSM, Clifford Chance, BT, Sage, DHL, and Sky. In most cases they expect to improve productivity by 10 to 15 percent within three months!

“I hear that there are one million vacancies in the cyber industry,” Neil said. “Every day we hear of AI and machine learning being used to make cyber experts more efficient. Yet there are a wide range of good practices that many people overlook which can make us more efficient.”

Since 2015, SNH has been running free courses for charities in the UK and now at each event they give a short pitch to all their charity contacts on the value of using GCA’s free services to improve cybersecurity.

“GCA is a charity and yet very few charities know about them,” Neil said. “Charities might think they have nothing to steal, yet we all know they have millions of data sets as well as donor money. The GCA is ideal for charities because GCA solutions are free at point of use but also help charities become more GDPR compliant.”

Andy Bates, GCA’s Executive Director in the UK, said he has worked with SNH in the past.

“I met SNH when I was at Verizon and deployed them successfully to help our sales force,” he said. “Part of their unique value proposition is they believe in using free solutions, so they were the perfect fit for GCA. It’s been great to work with SNH for the past two years, as we know that every month multiple charities are being impacted positively by GCA, but SNH weaves our message into their programme. It’s a true partnership.”

Look out for the SNH book which will be released soon. They claim it can save you three days a month and you can read it in just a few hours!

The author, Andy Bates, is the Executive Director of the United Kingdom, Middle East and India for the Global Cyber Alliance. You can follow him on Twitter @andycyberbates or connect with him on LinkedIn.