GCA Supports the NCSC CyberFirst Programme

We Encourage Our Partners to Participate

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), an organisation of the U.K. government that provides advice and support for the public and private sector, is running the CyberFirst programme again this year. We are proud to announce that GCA is participating and deploying five students in our U.K. office and the City of London Police during the summer.

The main goals are to plug the cyber skills gap at “grass roots” by encouraging young people to become familiar with cyber and to tackle the lack of diversity in the industry. The summer programme runs a bursary to place 250 students into industry.

The students will be learning about cybersecurity and also working with our partners to help them implement our core solutions such as DMARC, Quad9 and our toolkits. At the end of the summer, the outcome is that we will have some good research on how small businesses can embrace our solutions and how we can evolve our solutions in future versions.

We recommend all of our partners to look at this programme, as it is funded by NCSC and enables young people to enter the world of cyber, and it helps to resolve the cyber skills gap.

Participants will also be enrolled in a programme run by one of our partners, Smarter Not Harder (SNH) called Younger & Smarter, which is aimed at giving young people an insight to being better organised at work.

If you would like some help in implementing GCA solutions, or more information about the programme, please contact Andy Bates at [email protected].