GCA Virtual Fireside Chat: Cybersecurity for All

City of London Police Commissioner Ian Dyson QPM and NCSC Deputy Director Cyber Growth Chris Ensor speak with GCA Executive Director Andy Bates.

It is fair for the public to expect a safe internet just as they would expect similar safety in the physical world, but in the physical world it is sometimes easier to think about dangers which may lie ahead and make pre-emptive choices in the hope of avoiding or limiting their impact. Sadly, we can never remove all of the risks all of the time. Seeing and thinking about online dangers is often more difficult, we assume ‘it will never happen to us.’ Choices are made in an instant, and we have not been programmed to consider online safety in the same way we do physical safety. We have to develop that subconscious thought process; we have to do it quickly; and we have a personal responsibility to do so.

In this video we learn how proactively UK Policing and Government initiatives are helping to drive more secure use of the internet, how this improves online safety, and why we individually have a responsibility to ourselves, and others, to consider the consequences of how we conduct ourselves online and the online choices we make.