GCA Virtual Fireside Chat: Secure Your Digital World

BT Security Managing Director, Kevin Brown, speaks with GCA Global Technical Officer, Leslie Daigle.

The internet has evolved over decades and yet our absolute dependence on it is far more recent. So much of what we take for granted today rests on the secure functioning of the internet. The move to cloud services and the need to work from home has accelerated this dependence meaning that businesses can no longer rely on a secure ‘wall of steel’ around their office based empire because their business now extends into the personal space of each of their employees, customers, and in many cases their supply chain. 

This video examines the role of the ISP in securing our digital world. The multi-pronged approach of proactively protecting the internet from within the internet itself – taking on the huge global challenges through collaboration, the pooling of technical resource, and an absolute commitment to innovation (combined with educating users on getting the basics right) how to understand their own risk profile, categorise what’s really important to protect, and providing the tools, guidance, and infrastructure to do so.