GCA Welcomes Two New Ambassadors

By Terry Wilson, GCA Global Partnership Officer

It is my pleasure to announce and welcome Rois Ni Thuama and Murray Kenyon as our two new Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) Ambassadors.

The ambassador program is critical to developing GCA’s global footprint by spreading our message within sectors and into regions where GCA does not have a direct presence.

We are delighted Rois and Murray accepted our invitations to become ambassadors. They bring a range of diverse skills and innovative approaches, complimenting the immense talent of our growing global ambassador team.

Rois Ni Thuama is based in London and is Head of Cyber Security Governance at Red Sift Limited, a data-driven cybersecurity business that uses machine learning to help organizations of all sizes and sectors address day-to-day security challenges.

Rois is a Doctor of Law and subject matter expert in cyber governance and risk mitigation. Rois is also a business entrepreneur with a proven track record of performing roles, which have been both strategically and functionally focused. As Head of Cyber Security Governance for one of Europe’s fastest growing cybersecurity companies, Rois designed and developed sales and business growth strategies securing key clients across a wide market spectrum including legal, finance, banking, oil, and gas.

“At a time when businesses need to preserve their cash and judiciously avoid any further threats, GCA’s objectives have never mattered more,” Rois said. “Making it safer to do business online is vital if firms are to survive and thrive in today’s world. Too often there is a lag time between the release of new tech and its uptake.

“GCA’s goal is to reduce that time so that all firms can deploy sensible cybersecurity measures, quickly and safely, to solve significant cyber threats and reduce risks for firms and institutions. What a time to become part of this team and what a team! Thanks to my CTO Deepak for doing the tough bit and then handing me the reins. Thank you to all at GCA for welcoming me as an ambassador, the privilege and pleasure is mine.

“As in the physical world, the cyber world is only made safer when we cooperate and share best practice. Never has this message resonated so loudly: unless we’re all safe, then no one is, because we’re all in this together.”

Murray Kenyon is based in Washington, D.C. and serves as Cybersecurity Workforce Development Executive in Information Security Services at U.S. Bank, the fifth largest commercial bank in the United States. He leads development of initiatives to advance the cybersecurity skills of bank employees and supports bank programs to foster the growth and development of rising leaders.

His expertise comes from more than 30 years of leadership in cybersecurity, intelligence, geo-political analysis, information sharing, and critical infrastructure protection in government and the private sector.

“I’m honored and delighted to become an ambassador for the Global Cyber Alliance and join an organization devoted to uniting the global cybersecurity community around effective solutions that reduce cyber risks in our interconnected world,” Murray said. “GCA is a stand-out platform for collaboration that enables results that keep us more secure online—from small businesses to smart cities, email to IoT, enterprises and individuals —and I welcome the opportunity to work with GCA to address the cyber risks we face.”

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