GCA Wins Second NCSC Award

The Global Cyber Alliance, a global nonprofit dedicated to reducing cyber risk, is proud to announce that it has won its second Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Industry Champion award from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

The number of cybersecurity related issues that need to be addressed continues to grow, but to counter threats and reduce risk means increasing the size and skill of the workforce. This past year marks the fifth year in which GCA has brought on students who participated in the NCSC’s CyberFirst programme, which provides opportunities for young people to learn about the world of cybersecurity. NCSC spoke with our Chief Development Officer Andy Bates about the CyberFirst program last year.

From their initial work testing our Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business, working with small businesses, researching IOT vulnerabilities or engaging with our partners, students get hands-on experience working with technologies and on programs that are designed to have an impact on cybersecurity issues at scale. 

A new year means another opportunity to continue to provide the next generation of cybersecurity practitioners with the opportunity to contribute to the mission in a meaningful and impactful way.