GCA's Overview of 2022 and Goals for 2023: an Interview with Phil Reitinger

Last December 29 GCA’s CEO and President, Phil Reitinger, met with Anna Delaney, Director of Productions at ISMG, for an end-of-the-year video interview.

In this 18-minute conversation, Mr. Reitinger covered some of the highlights of 2022 and advanced some of the work that GCA will engage in ahead of 2023. Collaboration, partnerships, and Cyber Civil Defense were some of the keywords of the conversation, which was full of valuable insights:

“There are still too many disincentives to collaboration. Governments should give organizations and people positive incentives. Let’s say: if you share information, if you do these things, if you’re a part of this group, you have a liability shield as opposed to a liability imposed on you.”

The full interview is available at GovInfoSecurity, one of ISMG’s specialized information channels: