Global Cyber Alliance Announces Appointment of Sir Robert Wainwright to Board of Directors

New York, November 15, 2018 – The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) announced today the appointment of Sir Robert Wainwright to its Board of Directors. Mr. Wainwright, a senior partner for Deloitte’s cyber practice in Northwest Europe, was voted onto the board during the GCA’s quarterly Board meeting.

Mr. Wainwright has been instrumental in implementing policies and programs that increase the resilience of government and business sectors to dynamic cybersecurity threats. As the former Executive Director of Europol for nearly a decade, he transformed the agency into a world-class security institution that connects more than 1,200 law enforcement agencies and supports over 60,000 cross-border investigations of organized crime, terrorism and cybercrime each year. He pioneered the use of data and technology to drive a better response across Europe to cybercrime, terrorism and other major threats.

Mr. Wainwright holds a number of distinctions, including serving as a member of the European Council of Foreign Relations and as a Board Member with the Centre for Cybersecurity at the World Economic Forum. He was appointed Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George (KCMG) by HM The Queen in June 2018. He earned a Bachelor of Science (BSc), International Relations and Affairs, from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

“It’s an honor to be a part of the GCA Board and contribute to the organization’s commendable mission,” said Wainwright. “Cybersecurity threats continue to affect each of us, at every level, and the only way we can successfully protect ourselves is through collaboration and positive, measurable action. I support GCA’s commitment to these principles and am happy to play a role in GCA’s global efforts.”

City of London Police Commissioner Ian Dyson said, “I’m pleased to have Mr. Wainwright join the GCA Board. He understands the global challenges we face and has been a leader in the fight against cybercrime across Europe. His tremendous expertise and commitment to the greater good will no doubt contribute significantly to GCA’s success in improving the security of our connected world.”

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. said,  “Mr. Wainwright has spent his entire career combatting organized crime and terrorism, and is highly respected among law enforcement leaders around the globe for his thoughtful and deeply collaborative approach. I am honored to be working with Rob again. His participation on our Board will significantly enhance the success of GCA’s global mission.”

Center for Internet Security CEO John Gilligan said, “Mr. Wainwright is an excellent addition to the GCA Board. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in addressing cybersecurity threats across the public and private sectors. His commitment to action aligns well with that of GCA. We look forward to his contributions as we continue our global efforts.”

GCA Board Chairman Scott Charney said, “I welcome Mr. Wainwright to our distinguished Board. He brings decades of experience fighting cybercrime and has a well-earned reputation as a cybersecurity leader. We thank him for his willingness to serve and look forward to his insights, enthusiasm and dedication to GCA’s global mission of eradicating cyber risk.”

GCA President and CEO Philip Reitinger said, “Mr. Wainwright has an impressive track record in addressing cybersecurity challenges and bringing communities together. He embodies the spirit of collaboration and innovation that are at the core of GCA’s mission, and his participation on our Board will prove to be invaluable as GCA continues to grow in Europe and around the world.” 

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