Global Cyber Alliance Receives $7.5M Grant from Craig Newmark Philanthropies to Lead Cybersecurity Solutions Initiative

Grant will fund efforts to create new and curate existing tools that reduce cyber risk and expand the GCA team

Craig Newmark Philanthropies (CNP) has committed to donating $7.5 million to support the Global Cyber Alliance’s (GCA) participation in CNP’s Cyber Civil Defense initiative: a global effort designed to enhance the ability of organizations and individuals to combat cyber threats. 

CNP’s funding will support GCA’s efforts to create solutions that work at both the infrastructure level, addressing whole classes of problems for everyone who uses the Internet, and at the individual user level so that people facing specific issues have access to vetted, effective solutions to meet their unique requirements. The initiative includes expanding the GCA team. Craig Newmark and GCA also called on other funding organizations to further assist cybersecurity nonprofits to make an even greater difference. 

“The defense of democracy and protection of people who use the Internet, across the planet, requires that cybersecurity practitioners work together with our support. The Global Cyber Alliance is making that happen together with partners,” said Craig Newmark, philanthropist and founder of craigslist. “I urge everyone, especially governments, industry and foundations, to step forward with me and support the essential work carried on by cybersecurity nonprofits to enable everyone to play their role in ensuring a trustworthy Internet.”

“Craig’s philanthropic commitments have been critical to making progress on some of the most pressing issues today in cybersecurity,” said Global Cyber Alliance President Philip Reitinger. “Cybersecurity, and tech policy generally, affect every aspect of our society. Investments like Craig’s should encourage the broader philanthropic community and organizations across sectors to think about how they can support greater cybersecurity for users everywhere.” 

Cyber Civil Defense draws from numerous examples of all sectors of a society joining together to confront and overcome common threats. Today, cyberattacks are that common threat. Our economies, governance, and public discourse are being threatened on two fronts: 1) attacks on organizations and individual Internet users; and 2) attacks on weaknesses in the Internet infrastructure. These threats require the engagement and empowerment of all stakeholders to meet the current threats and to secure the Internet for all users in the future. GCA has a track record of creating partnerships between industry, government and non-profit actors to deliver tools and solutions tailored to the needs of identified communities around the world.

As part of this initiative, GCA will convene and work with the entire community – nonprofits, enterprises and governments – leveraging their respective strengths to deploy cybersecurity solutions that work at scale. This activity will include an increased focus on open source development of cybersecurity tools. 

To accomplish this mission GCA plans to hire, with immediate needs for people from senior leaders to those just learning cybersecurity, including professionals with product ownership, community engagement, and software development experience. Specific job announcements can be found at Please join GCA as part of this critical, global mission. 

About Craig Newmark Philanthropies 

Craig Newmark founded Craig Newmark Philanthropies in 2016 to advance people and grassroots organizations that are “getting stuff done” in areas that include trustworthy journalism & the information ecosystem, food insecurity, voter protection, women in technology, and veterans & military families. At its core, all of Newmark’s philanthropic work helps to strengthen American democracy by supporting the values that the country aspires to – fairness, opportunity, and respect. For more information visit the Craig Newmark Philanthropies website

About the Global Cyber Alliance

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