HIKS Enters a Strategic Partnership with GCA to Enhance the Croatian Cybersecurity Ecosystem

  • This first partnership from Croatia is already GCA’s sixth in the Southeast Europe, adding to ongoing ones in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Slovenia.

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) and the Croatian Cybersecurity Institute (HIKS) have entered a partnership to improve cybersecurity in Croatia. With a membership comprising all major cybersecurity companies in Croatia, as well as numerous individuals, HIKS seeks to connect cybersecurity experts with members of the public that are focused on improving information security in the Republic of Croatia.

The two non-profits join forces to increase the maturity of the Croatian cybersecurity ecosystem, where HIKS plays an enabling role in knowledge exchange, education, and professional development, as well as identifying and promoting excellence, best practices, and standards.

GCA will be able to bring its pool of experts and extensive international experience to the table to help and assist HIKS in further developing the Croatian Cybersecurity Ecosystem. In particular, it will assess its potential involvement in the practical application and enforcement of the Croatian Cybersecurity Act (in line with the NIS2 directive).

This first partnership from Croatia is already GCA’s sixth in the Southeast Europe, adding to ongoing ones in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Slovenia.


“Contributing to enhancing the maturity of the Croatian ecosystem is important in our global strategy. We are thrilled to support HIKS in increasing its visibility before other key players in the region, and to pave the way for those ecosystems to participate in GCA’s international initiatives aiming at reducing cyber risks globally,” Terry Wilson, director of partnerships explained. 

“We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with the Global Cyber Alliance, an organization recognized for its outstanding contributions to cyber security. This collaboration underscores our mutual commitment to fostering a more secure digital environment. The partnership also affirms our dedication to making cyber space safer for businesses and individuals alike.”, Drago Žagar, HIKS president said.

GCA has developed a range of effective cybersecurity tools. We will work with HIKS by making our tools available and supporting HIKS members to enhance the Croatian Cybersecurity Institute’s operational capabilities and in doing so, bring additional value to the wider Croatian society. 

CSC Conference in Osijek


In addition to this agreement, Terry Wilson, director of Partnerships at GCA, will be participating tomorrow, 10th October, as a keynote speaker in the inaugural session of the upcoming Cybersecurity Challenges 2023conference in the city of Osijek, in eastern Croatia. 

The event gathers experts from different fields to come together, exchange knowledge and collaborate in order to jointly tackle the latest cybersecurity challenges. The conference covers a wide range of related topics, such as network security, industrial security, cybercrime, and legal.

He will present GCA’s mission and main accomplishments worldwide, focusing on the opportunities it can bring to support the Croatian cyber ecosystem.


About the Global Cyber Alliance

The Global Cyber Alliance is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to making the Internet a safer place by reducing cyber risk. We build programs, tools, and partnerships to sustain a trustworthy Internet to enable social and economic progress for all.

About HIKS

The Croatian Cybersecurity Institute was founded with the aim of improving information security in the Republic of Croatia, providing its members, experts in the field of cyber security and the general population with the opportunity for knowledge exchange, education and professional growth.