HSC Labs and Global Cyber Alliance join efforts to strengthen cybersecurity awareness in Brazil

HSC Labs and the Global Cyber Alliance have reached a partnership agreement that will strengthen security awareness efforts in Brazil. HSC Labs is a leading cybersecurity company in the country, providing email security and cybersecurity awareness solutions – such as an AI-based anti-phishing solution and a comprehensive awareness program – to government agencies, enterprises, and Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). With over two decades of experience, they possess unique insights into Brazil’s cyber landscape.

Aligned with GCA’s mission to mitigate cyber risk, this collaboration aims to equip businesses and individuals with the necessary knowledge and tools to combat cyber threats effectively.

GCA’s contribution, notably through its Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business, provides practical measures for SMBs to enhance their cybersecurity resilience. By expanding its presence in Brazil, GCA aims to empower a broader audience with resources available in Portuguese, thus fostering a safer online environment for all users.

“We’re glad to have partnered with GCA, as it will allow us to exchange insights and boost cybersecurity awareness in our country, which is one of the main targets for cyberattacks and phishing scams”, said Romulo Boschetti, CEO at HSC Labs.


“Cyber threats know no borders, and our partnership with HSC Labs underscores our commitment to empowering communities with the knowledge and tools they need globally. Together, we’re taking strides to strengthen cybersecurity awareness in Brazil, making the Internet a safer place for all users,” said Brian Cute, Chief Operating Officer and the Director of the Capacity & Resilience Program for the Global Cyber Alliance.

About the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA)

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to making the Internet a safer place by reducing cyber risk. We build programs, tools, and partnerships to sustain a trustworthy Internet to enable social and economic progress for all.

About HSC Labs

HSC Labs is a leading cybersecurity company offering full-scope solutions, including email security and cybersecurity awareness and training. Our numbers reflect our experience: we protect more than 10 million mailboxes and filter more than 100 million emails every single day.