Interview with Finn Kleckner, a GCA intern: “I view the Internet as one of the most important public goods of our time”

The Global Cyber Alliance has interviewed Finn Kleckner, one of our interns. Watch the video.

Question (Q): How do you think you have contributed to ACT*

Answer: What I am doing for ACT (Actionable Cybersecurity Tools)  is I am collecting resource tools for my assigned community and then I am also styling web pages.

How do you see the future of the Internet and what are the most pressing needs?

I see the future of the Internet to align with Web3, a place in which platforms and websites are collectively owned, rather than centrally owned as they have been in the past. I view the Internet as a public good, as one of the most important public goods of our time. It increases accessibility to financial services, it increases accessibility to social connections, knowledge… Keeping that in mind, I think one of the most relevant concerns today is cybersecurity. With the advent of Quantum computing, it is going to break a lot of cybersecurity protocols that have traditionally worked for decades, so a lot of attention and awareness is going to be needed going forward on the part of companies and individuals to protect themselves against cyber attacks, because our life is increasingly on the Internet, and we have to protect our lives.

What do you dream of personally and professionally?

I dream to build platforms that increase equity, end users and people generally increasing accessibility to various things. What I am interested in right now is EHR (Electronic Health Records). I think the interoperability and the accessibility of them can be improved. So, there are a lot of barriers right now that exist between hospitals, insurance companies across borders for EHR to be sent, it creates a lot of extra work for the patient, which you should not be doing if you are in a dire health situation, it is not right. I think it could be made a lot easier for people who are experiencing health issues…
I also want to work with academic publishing and improve it. Right now, the peer review system is extremely flawed. It is slow, expensive and there are high barriers to entry.

How has GCA helped you along that path?

This project has helped me gaining experience and building a platform, making it accessible to everyone, and also down the line I am also going to interview the communities that I was working with, so I will learn an iterative design process, one in which I design a thing,  and then ask the people, the target audience, what they think of it, and then I will go back and fix those issues and iteratively develop it. So it is a great opportunity and it is really going to help me professionally and personally.

* You shouldn’t have to be a cybersecurity expert to have the tools to keep you safe. Actionable Cybersecurity Tools (ACT), an initiative by the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) in partnership with Cyber Civil Defense (CCD) Initiative, is aimed at helping individuals and communities find the right solutions for their protection needs. ACT is a wiki and anyone, regardless of their level of cybersecurity knowledge, can use it to understand risks and find tools to protect themselves, their family, or their organization.