Introducing the Cybersecurity Tools Navigation Project

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), in its mission to enable a secure and trustworthy Internet — making the Internet a safer place by reducing cyber risk — has convened a diverse community of organizations across the globe, working together to democratize access to cybersecurity tools. This effort is a focus area of the Cyber Civil Defense (CCD) initiative.

CCD is a broad coalition of organizations: nonprofits, governments, industry, and philanthropists calling for a whole-of-society approach dedicated to protecting democratic society amid escalating cybersecurity risks. Launched in April 2022, this growing initiative engages all communities to work together on better cybersecurity resources, support, and opportunities for everyone. Craig Newmark Philanthropies has committed to donating more than $50 million to support the initiative. The grant focuses on building the civic infrastructure, policy frameworks, and digital tools necessary to support global security in the face of new cyber threats.

The Cybersecurity Tools Navigation Project aims to simplify the discovery of accessible cybersecurity tools, services, and solutions that address critical needs and enable the community to address the most critical gaps. This taxonomy will also include delivery vehicles to ensure that the right means are available to simplify the use of essential tools and services. The taxonomy will be an instrument that elevates needs analysis from education to adopting critical security measures, empowering everyone with the agency to protect their digital environment and democratizing risk reduction globally. It will also address multiple audiences including individuals, small businesses, nonprofits, and larger enterprises.

The project is a community-based initiative, launched during the fourth quarter of 2022, which aims to democratize cybersecurity tools, services, and solutions by:

  • Identifying cybersecurity needs for communities based on relevant risks and threats; 
  • Mapping those needs to cybersecurity tools, services, and solutions capable of reducing risk; 
  • Finding gaps and spurring efforts to fill them; and
  • Identifying and implementing delivery vehicles for tools, services, and solutions.

This effort will have three outcomes. First, it will create a resource usable by many, including end users and providers, to understand needs and sources of assistance. Second, it will serve as a roadmap for developers, providers, and nonprofits to fill critical gaps in cybersecurity tools, services, and solutions, avoiding waste. Third, it will help the community to deliver capabilities to end users in ways that are easier to consume.

We also expect the project to include a shorter-term effort to identify the critical needs of disadvantaged communities and gaps in tool availability to meet those needs to rapidly start development or enhancement efforts to improve what is available for those left behind by current solutions.

On December 8th, GCA convened an Advisory Group of more than 30 community members with diverse perspectives to define the scope of work for taxonomy development and operations and to secure the resources required to execute. As a result, identified gaps, including those related to open-source tools, will be addressed through the development of tools and solutions by GCA and its partners.

The Advisory Group will meet again on January 25th to refine the project scope, identify Project Steering Group members, and identify resources needed for the work to begin.

Please follow GCA’s blog for future updates about the efforts of the CCD Community and its members, and do not hesitate to contact us if you want to become part of this growing community.


The author, Chris Apple, is the Product Manager of Cybersecurity Solutions at the Global Cyber Alliance. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.