IoT Security

GCA continues to tackle challenges that can have the greatest impact on our collective security. Next on the horizon, we will help better secure the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and technologies.

As the use of IoT surges, industries and cities are moving toward taking advantage of technology to make operations more efficient, even as more consumer devices are being made “Internet aware”.

But this interconnectivity poses great risks. We’re helping identify threats to IoT devices, cities, and industries to improve security for all.

GCA is focusing on a number of initiatives to help address these challenges:

IoT Ranges:

IoT Ranges are being developed as vendor-agnostic simulation environments for various IoT scenarios deployment scenarios. This initiative (pending available funding) will help identify associated vulnerabilities through assessments, testing and other measures, and will result in baseline guidance for secure IoT deployment.

IoT Honeyfarms:

GCA is working on building a globally distributed IoT honeyfarm which will collect, analyze and share with the security community, as well as Quad9, information about threats targeting IoT technologies.

IoT Security Roundtables:

GCA is hosting several roundtables around the globe with IoT security experts, implementers and policy makers on the security controls being implemented and the challenges faced when trying to secure IoT projects.

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Join the Cause

Help cities better secure Internet of Things (IoT) devices and technologies. Contact GCA to learn more about this initiative.