It's Time to Take a Leap!

By Mary Kavaney

I spent the last week in Singapore assessing risks.

It began with the RSA Information Security Conference, which examined the world’s current cyber security threats, and it culminated with me para-jumping.  As for the para-jumping, as I stood on the platform with weak knees, I wondered what I was doing, prayed things would work out ok for my children’s sake, and jumped. The conference was as frightening as the para-jumping.

RSA President Amit Yoran said in his keynote address, that 70 percent of the organizations in the APAC region were breached over the last 12 months, despite millions of dollars being spent in cyber security. He said what we need is a change in perspective to fight cybercrime.

What we’ve been doing so far isn’t working.

The Global Cyber Alliance is an international, cross-sector, nonprofit dedicated to confronting cyber risk and improving the connected world.

All are welcome. All are needed.

GCA hosted a round table discussion at the RSA conference in Singapore that confirmed what we already know…whether you are a multinational, save-the-children organization or an Australian bank, you are bracing yourself against cyber risks everyday. Individually we are outgunned and out-maneuvered by the bad guys, but a collaborative, cross-sector, multinational approach has a shot for success.

Yoran said, “Don’t be afraid to make a shift in your perspective and change your point of view.”

Are you ready to be a part of an effort to fundamentally change the security posture of our interconnected world?

Are you ready to forge brave new partnerships to improve your cyber security?

We are ready. Are you?


The author, Mary Kavaney, is the Chief Administrative Officer at the Global Cyber Alliance.

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