"At GCA, it feels like I'm playing a long game. We can solve problems facing the Internet that nobody else would solve."

Last week, Leslie Daigle, CTO at Global Cyber Alliance, was on the Imposter Syndrome Network Podcast where she talked about her work addressing cybersecurity challenges that require collective action and coordination among different stakeholders in the Internet ecosystem.

They spoke about Leslie’s career journey from being a computer science student to a programmer, a manager, a leader, and a collaborator in various Internet-related organizations and projects, such as Bunyip, IETF, World IPv6 Day, and MANRS. They also discussed some of Leslie’s insights and challenges in her work, such as how to frame problems in ways that matter to others, how to balance technical and human aspects, how to deal with imposter syndrome and career transitions, and how to support network operator groups like NANOG.

Listen here: https://podcast.impostersyndrome.network/2016832/14401322-leslie-daigle