GCA Celebrates Major Awards for Strategic Advisor Fiona Asonga

Fiona Asonga, CEO of the Technology Service Providers of Kenya (TESPOK), has recently been featured as one of the 45 Most Influential Women in Digital Transformation by dx5ve, former CIO Africa.

Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) specialist, current Chief Executive Officer of Technology Service Providers Association of Kenya (TESPOK), Fiona Asonga is one of GCA’ Strategic Advisors. has been featured in the November issue of CIO Africa Magazine as one of the 45 Most Influential Women in Digital Transformation. 

For the past three years, these awards have been recognising the work of remarkable women driving digital transformation across Africa. 

Fiona operates the Kenya Internet Exchange Point and Industry Computer Security Incident Response. Fiona has 20 years working experience in the ICT sector, 17 of which have been at TESPOK, to which she proudly dedicated this recognition.


“Mine is a journey of service to the industry by supporting inclusion and diversity. We still need to see more women in this space and at decision making levels. Thank you to Team TESPOK for your continued support,” she [the awarded Fiona Asonga] highlighted in her statement.  


“She is truly an extraordinary woman, with a consistency and passion that not only shines in her career, but that she brings as a strategic advisor to GCA in the defense of ethical values, promoting digital use at the service of economic and social development, and multi-stakeholder engagement for digital development. We are so thankful for the insights and active engagement she brings,” Komal Bazaz Smith, CBO of the Global Cyber Alliance said.

Almost coinciding in time she has featured
among the Top 60 Most Transformative CEOs Impacting the Economy. Business Monthly said about her: “With an impressive track record in the ICT industry spanning 19 years, Ms Asonga has played a crucial role in representing Africa on a global scale throughout her journey.”

Asonga, who has also been appointed among Top 50 Women in Management in Africa Awards 2023, will be participating  as one of the distinguished speakers who will be gracing the CIO100Awards and Symposium.

Recently this month she also received an EQL:HER Award at the Africa Tech Festival for 50 Most Inspiring Women in Tech Africa. This initiative focuses on recognising top women who are making significant strides in tech careers across the African continent.

According to OECD research, more than a quarter of all businesses in Africa were either started or are run by women. Despite these high levels of entrepreneurial activity, African women draw the short straw when it comes to funding. Fiona Asonga is a strong advocate of policy and regulations that facilitate investor participation in the ecosystem. 

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