Make the Easy, Easy Again

By Adnan Baykal

Committed the grand sin in cybersecurity and attended the RSAC once again. Walking on the tech floor full of promises of stopping every attack that is imaginable, not a single entity was discussing the basics. Basics that are so essential that everything else becomes meaningless without them. Basics that are so essential that everything else is secondary to them. Having strong passwords, patching your systems, two-factor authentication, backing up your data, and email security are some of the most basics that all have to do. And they are really easy to do now with GCA’s Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business. No complicated AI algorithms needed, and you don’t have to be a cybersecurity expert to use them. Best of all – you don’t even have to pay for them!

Responsible cybersecurity companies must speak the truth and provide value to their customers and to everyone who is on the Internet, not only to those who have huge security budgets. Stories I have heard today on the RSAC floor made me realize that we, as a security industry, have made “easy” cyber hygiene practices very difficult. It is time to change the elitist approach and start telling things the way they are. Make cybersecurity accessible and easy for laymen so we can all be more secure.

The author, Adnan Baykal, is the Global Technical Advisor at the Global Cyber Alliance. You can follow him on Twitter @adnan_baykal81.