NC4 Joins Global Cyber Alliance

Originally appearing on American Security Today:

NC4 has joined Global Cyber Alliance, an international, cross-sector effort designed to confront, address, and prevent malicious cyber activity. Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) was founded by the Manhattan, N.Y., district attorney’s office and City of London Police in association with the Center for Internet Security (CIS), a not-for-profit organization that oversees the Multistate Information Sharing and Analysis Center. Partners that have joined GCA include leaders from security, defense, retail, healthcare, insurance, energy, aviation, education, law enforcement, government, and finance institutions.

With the explosive growth of international cybercrime, cyber defense must become a priority for businesses and organizations. GCA aims to build a measurable, scientific basis for cybersecurity by defining methods to measure quantitative cyber-related risks. To achieve this, they are taking a two-pronged approach: identifying specific cyber risks and assembling the right group of stakeholders to implement measurable mediation solutions. In their recent announcement, the first major cyber risk GCA will focus on is phishing and two security solutions that have shown to be effective to combat it: implementation of DMARC to limit spoofing of email and secure DNS practices to minimize the effect of phishing and other attacks. To learn more about GCA visit

“Global Cyber Alliance is pleased to partner with NC4, which like GCA is focused on driving collaboration to achieve concrete outcomes. I look forward to NC4’s participation in our joint efforts to implement specific solutions that mitigate cyber risks,” said GCA President and CEO Philip Reitinger.

“NC4 is proud to work with GCA to further enable organizations to understand and take the most important steps in cybersecurity,” said George Johnson, NC4’s Chief Information Security Officer. “Moving beyond compliance to truly tackle important risks that reduce the consequences of cyber-attacks is a complex but attainable effort. NC4 is committed to driving collaboration toward this end.”