New York Launches a Cybercrime Brigade

A new citywide initiative aims to coordinate digital law-enforcement efforts.

Last year was a big year for cybercriminals. Reported by Manhattan District Attorney, Cy Vance, Jr., and New York City Police Commissioner, James P. O’Neill, in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, cybercriminals managed to weaken Atlanta’s computer systems – which cost taxpayers an estimated $17 million, disrupt Baltimore’s 911 emergency system, and shutdown Colorado’s Department of Transportation. These are just three attacks among a yearlong barrage of international cybercrimes against hospitals, governments, and banks and utilities that exposed information of millions of people, caused large server networks to shutdown, and created significant financial loss.

“It is clear to us in law enforcement that these threats are an issue of public safety,” states Cy Vance, Jr. and James P. O’Neill, “If a hospital, water system or energy grid goes down, people could die. When critical services like transportation and government offices can’t function, it affects the economy in a real way. When emergency systems, in particular, are attacked – as in Baltimore – the risk to people in crisis is immediate and severe.”

It’s types of cybercrimes like the few stated above that led to the development of the NYC Cyber Critical Services and Infrastructure (CCSI) Project – a formal partnership between the Manhattan D.A.’s Office, NYPD, the New York City Cyber Command, and the Global Cyber Alliance. CCSI works to protect New York City’s infrastructure – including emergency services, water systems, energy producers, and other critical services – from cyber attacks through intelligence-sharing and the early-stage development of coordinated responses across 17 industry sectors.

Cy Vance, Jr. and James O’Neill announced the public launch of the New York City Cyber Critical Services and Infrastructure (“CCSI”) Project in the Wall Street Journaopinion piece on April 1, 2019.

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