OPM on SafeTrack – DHS’s AIS Program – Digital Services at DoD

Originally appearing on Government Matters:

Metro’s SafeTrack plan has been on the books for a week. We discussed how it’s impacting federal workers and the Office of Personnel Management’s response plan with OPM deputy associate director of pay and leave Brenda Roberts and OPM director of facilities, security and contracting Dean Hunter.

According to FCW, The Department of Homeland Security’s Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS) program has at least 100 users. We discussed the implications with Phil Reitinger, president and CEO of the Global Cyber Alliance.

According to Federal News Radio, Chris Lynch — director of digital services at the Defense Department — said “it’s been an opening of the floodgates” for projects since his office opened eight months ago. Dave Wennergren, executive vice president of operations and technology at the Professional Services Council, discussed the implications with Government Matters.