GCA and ICT Academy Partner to Track Data on IoT Security in the Balkans

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) and ICT Academy have entered into a partnership to collaborate around the AIDE project for an IoT Attack Tracking Data research project.

GCA’s Automated IoT Defence Ecosystem, known as AIDE, consists of an information-sharing platform that will enable the automated collection, analysis, distribution, and display of attacks on IoT devices, as a means to ultimately implement mechanisms of distributed defense within the large IoT community, from manufacturers and researchers to regulators and smart cities.

“This partnership brings together the expertise of both entities to address the pressing concerns surrounding IoT security,” stated ITC Academy in its recent announcement. It also allows GCA to advance its work in the Balkan region. 

“This is a significant partnership in terms of our growth in the Western Balkans as it is the first partner in the region joining the AIDE project within the Internet Integrity Program, and a very engaged one that combines research and analysis in IoT,” said Terry Wilson, Global Partnership Director.

“In a dynamic collaboration, ICT Academy and GCA unite to illuminate the path towards fortified IoT security. Through our shared commitment to the AIDE project, we forge a resilient shield powered by data to safeguard the IoT landscape,” ICT Academy added.  

The research project will lead to a series of publications aimed at disseminating knowledge and empowering stakeholders across various domains. In particular, the use of historical attack data to predict potential future attack vectors or trends, aiding in proactive defense strategies, might be an interesting approach that will be explored during the project. Thus, by analyzing patterns and behaviors in historical data, this research aims to enable proactive defense strategies. These materials will contribute to the academic landscape by presenting updated data, analysis, and potential research directions in the realm of IoT security. 

As the ICT Academy team continues its work on the research project, significant progress has already been made. The data collection phase has yielded valuable insights into the evolving landscape of IoT attacks.  


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